Earth Week: Easy Green DIY Ideas

As the snow melts, the temperature rises and winter turns to spring, it becomes much easier to work on projects around the house. And, since April 17-24 is Earth Week. What better way to start your house projects than using recycled, gently used materials to spice up your renovation? Using supplies found at the ReStore, you can turn any drab room into a place no one wants to leave — without a big budget or a big headache.

More Recycling In the Kitchen
You may already separate your cans and plastic bottles in a recycling cupboard, but it doesn’t have to stop with your trash. Using materials from the ReStore, you can renovate your backsplash, cabinets and fixtures without throwing your money down the garbage disposal. No matter what you choose for a green-inspired renovation project, make this your Earth Week present to yourself.

Earth Week Present: Beautiful Backsplash
Purchase a tiled backsplash that you love. Whether you prefer subway tiles, checkered patterns or textured layers, placing a backsplash is a project you can do yourself that will make a huge difference without breaking the budget. This is an easy way to turn an outdated kitchen into a modern masterpiece.


Earth Week Present: Colorful Cabinets
You don’t need to rip out all the old cupboards just to get the updated look you desire. A can or two of paint can create a drastic transformation without the cost of all new cabinets. Pick out a gallon of paint at the ReStore, and give your cabinets the updated look you have always wanted. Just don’t forget to consult with an expert or do some research on the type of product that’s best for your cupboards.

Earth Week Present: Fixed-up Fixtures
Whether it’s the lights, the handles or the faucet, outdated fixtures can instantly date a space. Fortunately, these are all easy and relatively inexpensive fixes. Give yourself the gift of time-travel by bringing your space from past to present. Change those brass handles to brushed nickel or replace a gaudy chandelier with something sleek and modern.

A Green Oasis
If the kitchen doesn’t need updating, treat yourself to another type of sanctuary this Earth Week — one of comfort and relaxation. Just be careful. If you make it too nice, you may never want to leave.

Earth Week Present: Personalized Paint
Don’t take the words “going green” too literally – for this renovation, you can choose any paint color that suits your space. It’s not news that paint can revitalize a space – but sometimes a grey wall is still just a grey wall. Adding a texture or design with paint can personalize any room.  Not a Michelangelo? Don’t worry, you don’t need to be. With a little patience, a couple gallons of paint and a lot of painter’s tape, anyone can create this modern effect.

Earth Week Gift: Storage Solutions
It’s nearly impossible to be comfortable in a cluttered space – organize your oasis. But get creative with it! Purchase an old window shutter to use as a mail holder that keeps the junk out of the living area. Build (or buy, depending on your carpentry skills) a storage cubby with cloth bins inside each box so the clutter is hidden. There are many options for hiding clutter. You just need to find the one that works right in your space. The best part? While you are organizing, you may determine you have some unnecessary clutter. If the items are gently used, the ReStore will take them off your hands.

Earth Week Present: Décor Display
Invest in creative shelving so the sanctuary can be complete with all of your collectibles and hobbies. In some cases, the items themselves can be turned into shelves.  Are you a bookworm? Old books (preferably ones that are duplicates – it is difficult to read your favorite book when it’s secured to the wall) can be fastened to the wall to create unique shelving.

Do you love video games? Put your construction skills to the test and make a themed bookshelf. Not only will the space store your collectibles, the shelf can serve as a display in itself.

With paint on the wall, clutter out of the way and a space to show off your hobbies, this green oasis has everything it needs to be your favorite room in the house.

No matter how you decide to celebrate Earth Week, you can do it with the help of the ReStore. With the gently used furniture, appliances, and building materials available at the store, you are sure to find a project within your budget. And the sooner you get started, the sooner you can enjoy the space.