Following Up With The Birchler Family

Jennelle Birchler, began her Habitat for Humanity journey in 2009 when she completed her initial application. In 2011 her dream came true and she became a Habitat homeowner. The time in between was filled with prayer, volunteering, joy and sorrow as they moved through the application process eventually being accepted to receive a home of their own.

“It was a time for faith building for our family as well as foundation building for our home,” said Jennelle. This family foundation was indeed formed during this time and the sturdy home that they now live in is symbolic of where they are today.

Over the past year and a half Jennelle and her children, Jabaz (JD), Damarha and Chaz, have been enjoying (to say the least) living in their own home. “Home ownership is a blessing and there really aren’t words to truly verbalize how my family feels about owning our home,” Jennelle says. “We are constantly telling each other about something we like about our home.”

Blessed is how Jennelle would always describe her family. Though the trials of raising three children with disabilities as a single mother, as well as in a very short amount of time going blind herself, Jennelle has viewed her life as fortunate. This is exactly how she continues to view everything in her life, including her house payments every month. “You go in debt and yes, this was exciting for me, you get to pay for your home,” she says.

Jennelle’s passion for life and excitement changes her view of things that many may view as a something unfortunate, she views them as something to treasure and grow through.
“Habitat has given us an experience in life that not everyone can have,” she said. “The people who work and volunteer with habitat gave us smiles and joy that wasn’t there before. They gave us a form of pride in our family and where we live.”