Why I Volunteer: Nate Lotvedt

What motivates a person to volunteer? Extra time? The desire to help? In the case of Nate Lotvedt, there are several reasons.

“Finding time to volunteer is always tough, but when you accomplish the goal as a team, it’s worth it in the end,” Lotvedt said.

Lotvedt has been volunteering with Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity for three years and has participated on the Tour de Habitat committee for two years. As project manager at Heritage Homes, Lotvedt is right at home spending time volunteering for the FM Home Builders Association as well.

Lotvedt says he enjoys volunteering with LAHFH because of the organization’s cause: providing housing for people in need.

“We’re helping local people – our efforts stay right here in the community,” he says.

Aside from helping others, Lotvedt says he enjoys getting to know meet people he’d normally not encounter.

“Volunteering brings out the best in everyone and presents new challenges along the way that force you to dig deeper, push forward, and get the most out of it,” he says. “I would encourage anyone to get involved.”