New ReStore Woodworking Shop Keeps The Cycle Going

The ReStore has recently incorporated a brand new way to shop, donate and volunteer. Executive Director Rob Rich had the idea to keep the cycle going by starting a woodworking shop in the back of the ReStore—a shop where wood furniture could be salvaged, re-purposed and sold—and kept out of dumpsters.

ReStore has this great coffee table that was made from old school doors and reclaimed 1890’s hardwood flooring. 

On their downtime, ReStore volunteers use the woodworking shop as a place to work on various deconstruction, re-purposing and refinishing projects, including sanding, staining and painting. The shop has had a successful start so far. With a wide variety of wood products like vanities, doors and cabinets being salvaged and brought into the ReStore, there are projects happening all the time.

The shop is an added benefit to both the ReStore and the community, as the re-purposed furniture is sold by the ReStore at a reasonable price, and all proceeds support Habitat.

ReStore Manager, Randy Ahmann, “ReStored” this $5 cabinet using materials commonly found at ReStore.

The “Before” and “After” vanities currently displayed in the store let you see the beautiful results of just a few of the re-purposing projects. From richly-stained cabinets to brightly-painted vanities, there’s something for everyone—and it’s selling fast. Stop in to see the latest finished projects and help keep the cycle going by shopping for the latest re-purposed projects, donating furniture or appliances of your own, or volunteering with the ReStore to get involved yourself.