Backyard Summer Kid Projects Using ReStore Materials

It’s that time again: summer vacation. School is out and the kids are looking for something creative to do. Whether you’re parenting or babysitting, why not take advantage of a sunny summer day and get crafty? With these fun projects, you do the building with items you’ll find at ReStore. Then let your kids help decorate—and they’ll have four new creations to keep them entertained all summer long.

Refresh the neighborhood with a lemonade stand
Build a backyard project the whole neighborhood will enjoy. Pick up an end table and a few wooden boards at ReStore and transform them into a fun lemonade stand. Let the kids help you paint and decorate it—then get selling!

Take flight with a tree swing seat
Choose a chair from ReStore and remove the legs, then paint it a bright color with your kids. Hang it from a sturdy tree branch and your kids will have a fun place to sit back and relax, all summer long.

Make some magic with a potted fairy garden
Make a mini summer wonderland out of a large flower pot—something you’ll often find at ReStore. Then let the kids help you paint the pot and pick out colorful flowers, rocks, fairies and more. They’ll love tending to their own summer garden!

Get down and dirty with a mud pie kitchen
Sometimes it’s okay to make a mess! Find a coffee table at ReStore and have the kids use paint, chalk and other accessories to decorate their mud pie kitchen. Then find some mud and let the fun begin.