Fargo Marathon’s “GoFarCharity” Program Helped Habitat

Sixteen charities joined hands to participate in the Fargo Marathon’s “GoFarCharity” program this year – one of which was Habitat for Humanity. Five runners participated to raise $410.

One participant, Christy Ambrose, ran the half marathon. Ambrose has participated in a handful of races – for which she always chooses to “run for a reason”. In previous years, Ambrose has run for the Roger Maris Cancer Center and the North Dakota Leadership Center. This year, Ambrose chose Habitat for Humanity because of her connection with Habitat and the appreciation of the organization.

“Since we’ve lived in Fargo, my husband and I have donated items from our house to the Moorhead ReStore. So, I felt a personal connection to an organization I want to help out. Since I’ve run for charities before, I figured why not help out a charity for this marathon?”

This year, Swanson Health sponsored an Expo as part of the Fargo Marathon to highlight running gear, races and healthcare facilities. At the expo, GoFarCharity groups were given their own booth, allowing each of the 16 charities to hand out information about their organization. The booth also served as a location for runners to pick up their incentives from the charity they ran for.

In addition to the booth, the FARGODOME’s Ballroom was reserved for charity runners, where runners had private bag check-in, snacks and water. The area was also delegated as meeting area for families to greet runners after the race. A massage therapist was also made available to charity runners.

From 2010 through 2012, 1,470 charity runners and walkers raised a total of $412,000 for various local and regional charities. For more information on GoFarCharity, visit www.gofarcharity.com.