Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Shop, Donate, Or Volunteer At ReStore

Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Shop, Donate, or Volunteer at ReStore

Landfills are beautiful?

1. Nobody likes bargains.
If you enjoy paying full-price for your home improvement goods, ReStore is not for you. With 25-75% off retail prices and seasonal sales, the price you pay for furniture, fixtures and appliances is dramatically low. No one enjoys struggling to close their wallet because it is filled with extra cash – full-priced home improvement is the best type of improvement.

2. Landfills are beautiful.
Have you ever stopped to just smell the landfill? Grabbed a sled in the winter and slid down the piles of sectionals, television sets and cabinetry? ReStore threatens to reduce those piles. In fact, it has already diverted 4 million pounds of materials from ending up on your sledding hill. If going green is not for you, neither is ReStore. Save the landfills, not the planet.

3. Those unused appliances and furniture pieces that are collecting dust? That’s what the garage is for.
Garages may as well be titled storage closets. Every sofa, dining table or dishwasher that you replace should immediately go in the garage for storage. You never know when you may use your old dishwasher again. Plus, calling ReStore’s pick-up number to have someone come and load up your dust-collectors is far more effort than having a clean garage is worth. Who likes tax refunds anyway?

4. Giving back to the community just isn’t for me.
The downside of shopping at ReStore is that you know exactly where your money is going. Right back into the community? Building homes for families in the area? I don’t know how to feel about that.

5. There are way too many volunteering opportunities to choose from.
ReStore simply has too many options for volunteering – it makes it extremely difficult to choose the option that best suits an individual looking to volunteer. If you are interested in getting a little dirty and putting in hard labor, they have far too many options to choose from that involve helping on build sites. And, if you are more of an indoor person who likes to interact with people, they also have options to get involved within the store or in committees. How does someone choose?

These are the best reasons we could come up with not to shop, donate or volunteer at ReStore. Because if we tried to write a blog that told you all the reasons you should stop by, you would be reading for a while. So stop by and see for yourself. At bargain prices, you can give back to the community, divert materials that are taking up your storage space from the landfill and sign up for a volunteering opportunity that is right for you.

In the Fargo-Moorhead area, Habitat for Humanity ReStore is located at 210 11th Street North in Moorhead, Minnesota.