The Salinas Story

The Salinas Family

As a parent, your number one priority is your children and the well-being of your family.This deep desire to care for their children led Carlos and Angela Salinas to Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity. The Salinas family includes five children; Tanisha (14), Josslyn (6), Carlos (4), Carly (3) and Karmella (3). Without a home of their own, Carlos and Angela struggled to find a suitable home to rent for a family of this size. “We needed a permanent, safe, and affordable home,” Angela commented. “Carlos Jr.’s sensory problem will improve once he is in a consistent home…adaptation is difficult for him.” Soon, the Salina’s family will no longer need to worry about adapting to new surroundings.

Over the past four years Angela has applied with Habitat. “I wasn’t getting discouraged by not being selected,” Angela remarked about the application process. “Just think, someone at that time was in need of a home more than I was.” This year, the Salinas family was selected as the 48th family to participate in the Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity program. “Owning a home seemed impossible…for so long we worked to improve our credit and save for a house. It felt like we were never going to reach our goal, but then Habitat helped us fulfill a dream that we didn’t know was possible,” Angela explained.

While their move in date has not been set, the Salinas family is anxiously looking to the day when they are able to call this house their home. “You see all of these people with houses…I was never aware of how hard it was to get a house. Habitat has given our family something that we would not be able to have any other way – a brand new house.”

Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity is excited to welcome the Salinas family home as well. They will be moving in to the first LEED certified single family home that Habitat has built in North Dakota. This utility-efficient home will be providing a clean, energy-efficient space for this family. They will be able to save an average of 30% annually on water and energy, which will allow them to use money saved to support Carlos Jr. and their other children. When asked what Angela would like to share with those who are currently volunteering or considering volunteering with Habitat she responded, “Get out there and volunteer. It is a great opportunity to help someone out including yourself. You get the opportunity to learn and grow in ways you had not before.”

The Salinas Family