Public Relations Committee Spotlight

Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity is very grateful for all of the outstanding volunteers and would like to recognize one committee in particular. The Public Relations (PR) Committee is a diverse, volunteer-driven group composed of area professionals with backgrounds in public relations and marketing. They play an integral role in our growth and are responsible for sharing Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity’s mission with the people living in Cass and Clay counties.


Angie Ryan, NetWork Center, Inc., Marketing Director

How long have you been on the PR committee? Since 2006.

Why are you involved? “I believe in Habitat’s mission and have seen first-hand how Habitat is changing lives in our community. I love to see how families have been positively affected by the work of Habitat volunteers from the work done on a build site to the behind-the-scenes work of Habitat’s many committees. It is incredible to see the elation and sense of pride and accomplishment in the homeowner’s eyes when they receive the keys to their new home.”

Why is Habitat an important organization?  “Through Habitat for Humanity, those who may not have the means to overcome their hardships by themselves are given the hope of conquering adversity with the help of volunteers. They are truly given a hand up by Habitat and all who support Habitat’s mission.”


Kaitlin Kluver, KLJ, Aviation Project Assistant

How long have you been on the PR committee? Since January 2013.

Why are you involved?  “Habitat for Humanity helps families start again, giving them the opportunity to build a home in every sense of the word.”

Why is Habitat an important organization? “I enjoy serving alongside of the other community members who believe in Habitat’s mission to put God’s love into action… bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope.”



Bryce Goodell, Public Relations Specialist, The Promersberger Company

How long have you been on the PR committee? Since 2006.

Why are you involved? “I believe in the mission of Habitat and enjoy helping our local families.”

Why is Habitat an important organization? “I feel that Habitat is important because safe, decent and affordable housing is a great foundation for families. In addition, I believe it gives them a sense of security and pride.”





Heidi Knutson, Western State Bank, Vice President/Sales & Marketing Director

How long have you been on the PR committee?  Since 2012.

Why are you involved? “I am involved so I can help spread the word to the community about Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity.”

Why is Habitat an important organization? “Lake Agassiz Habitat is a great organization to be a part of because you can help in so many ways. You can serve on a committee, you can donate money, you can help with a home build, and much more. It takes so many people to volunteer their time, money and efforts to help a family have a chance to have a home to call their own. Without the LAHFH some children may not know what it’s like to have their own room, their own yard or a place to sit down as a family for dinner. I feel fortunate that my small efforts along with thousands of others that volunteer/donate can help make this a reality.”

Katie Sullivan, Ulteig, Marketing Communications Specialist

How long have you been on the PR committee? Since 2013.

Why are you involved? “Last year, I participated in a Women’s Build through a previous employer. After that experience, I was hooked and wanted to become more involved. I was inspired by Lake Agassiz’s commitment to helping community members realize their dreams of homeownership, but I’m not that handy with a hammer. That’s why I decided to join the PR committee.”

Why is Habitat an important organization? “Habitat makes a noticeable difference in our community by bringing decent and affordable housing to those in need. After meeting families that have been touch by the non-profit, I am comfortable saying that Habitat not only helped them afford a home, but also assisted them in developing meaningful life skills, such as financial responsibility”


Emalee Hedberg, Marketing Intern at NetWork Center, Inc

How long have you been on the PR committee? Since 2013.

Why are you involved? “I want to use my design skills to help benefit an organization that has such a great and positive impact on the community.”

 Why is Habitat an important organization? “Habitat is an organization that directly impacts the community. They build hope for families, provide stable housing, and continuously fight against poverty. It is so great to be a part of an organization that brings people together to serve others and put God’s love into action.”


If you are interested in joining a Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity committee or would like more information about volunteer opportunities, please email or call us at  218-284-5253. Hope to hear from you soon!

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