5 Easy Ways To Start Living Green

You probably have a daily routine established—from a shower and cup of coffee in the morning to a home-cooked dinner and cup of tea in the evening. But do you ever take a moment to consider how much water you use? How much waste you generate? Earth Week is a great time to analyze your impact on our planet. Get an easy start with these 5 tips to jump-start your green living—and check out even more tips from HGTV.

1. Upgrade to a high-efficiency showerhead
Your typical morning shower could be costing you close to 50 gallons of water. Replace your old showerheads with newer, more efficient models and you’ll save up to 3,000 gallons of water per year—plus 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide and $50 in energy costs.

2. Make your lighting more efficient
Replace old light bulbs in your home and halogen bulbs in your yard with more efficient compact-fluorescent bulbs or LED lights—you could reduce the amount of energy you use by over 80%. For outdoor lights, consider installing motion sensors.

3. Use a compost bin in your backyard
Compost is great for your garden AND keeps your trash can empty! Collect “green” waste like food scraps, tea bags and coffee grounds and layer them in a compost bin with “brown” waste such as leaves and shredded paper. You’ll end up with nutrient-rich soil for your yard.

4. Keep track of your trash output
Monitor the amount of trash you generate over the course of a week, from empty bags to disposable cups, paper and more. The result might surprise you. Then explore alternative options to help cut down on that waste, like reusable bags and coffee mugs.

5. Donate to ReStore
ReStore helps keep usable materials like lumber, furniture and appliances out of local landfills. Instead of throwing away old building materials and household goods, donate these items to ReStore where they’ll be repurposed and reused!

Find out what you can donate to ReStore—then give us a call at 218-284-5253 ext. 3 if you
need your items to be picked up!

Habitat for Humanity ReStore is located at 210 11th Street North in Moorhead, Minnesota. Our hours are 10:00 am – 6:00 pm Monday through Friday and 10:00 am – 4:00 pm Saturday. Visit us online at lakeagassizhabitat.org.