Why We Build

Why We Build

Kevin in his new home.

Kevin lives in a Habitat for Humanity home with his mom, dad, brother and sister.
“This house is different from my old house,” he says. “It doesn’t have mice. When it rains hard, it doesn’t leak. I get to have a bedroom and everybody has a place to sleep.”

His mom planted a garden in the back where she grows peppers, tomatoes, corn, watermelon, cucumber, and other veggies.

“My whole family is happier. I can tell my parents are happy because they smile,” Kevin said.

Stories like Kevin and his family’s are what motivate the work of Habitat for Humanity. Our mission is to build strength, stability and self-reliance to improve the quality of living — to live comfortably and happily, as Kevin described. We do so through partnering with families to build homes together.

But Habitat for Humanity does much more than just provide homes. Not only do our future homeowners put in sweat equity time building their home, and sometimes the homes of others, they also take these classes to better ensure their long-term success once they are in their home. Each of our classes focus on things like budgeting and saving, and aspects of home-ownership such as repairs and maintenance, energy efficiency, and homeowners insurance. The hope of offering this complete package is to create successful homeowners now and into the future.

Stacy and her kids in front of their new home.

Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity recently celebrated 25 years of building strength, stability and self-reliance with each home in our community. We celebrated by building our 55th house, for single mom Stacey and her two kids. At the final wall-raising, the community gathered to show their support.

“Affordable housing is an issue for the whole metro area,” said Moorhead Mayor Del-Ray, “When we can help a family be a part of a home, it’s a very heart-warming and wonderful thing that happens in our community.”

It all comes down to establishing a stronger community fabric built on safe and happy living, one house at a time. And by being a part of the process, each family we work with is empowered to spread that same care. Like Kevin, who, after watching his parents help build their own house, aspires to one day help build his own.

“I feel proud because my parents helped to build the house,” Kevin said. “I want to build, too.”
This Giving Hearts Day, our focus is on opening doors for families like Kevin’s. Your donation of $26 will purchase one doorknob, allowing YOU to help open the door for a local family to have a safe, affordable place to call home.

On February 9, 2017, your donation is matched by Western State Bank and other generous donors. Give where you live this Giving Hearts Day with a gift to Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity at givingheartsday.org. #Givewhereyoulive